How old are the fan coil units (FCUs) in your condominium building?

If the answer is more than 15 or 20 years, your building’s central system is likely running inefficiently, resulting in higher energy costs. Plus, the dirty air being produced by your condo’s older FCUs is placing your residents’ health at risk.

When you replace the old FCUs in your condo building with newer, energy efficient models, get ready to experience positive effects for your residents and the building systems as well as the opportunity to take advantage of rebates on offer from the Ontario government !

Old FCUs = Unhealthy Air

When your building has older FCUs that accumulate moisture, residents are at risk of breathing in potentially dangerous mould spores. Regardless of how much maintenance is completed on older FCUs, mould will accumulate – in addition to dust, rust and more. In fact, mould may disseminate even more due to DYI remediation efforts, which some residents will undertake.

Residents who are sensitive to air quality become especially affected. Prolonged mould exposure could lead many to experience hay-fever type symptoms.

Any resident who has a suppressed immune system or a lung disease will experience a greater risk of contracting an infection from the old FCUs production of mould. If your building houses elderly residents, this is especially a concern.


Increase Efficiency, Decrease Cost with New FCUs

With new FCUs from CDC, experience lower energy bills and fewer service calls – a win-win for residents, Board and management staff alike!

New FCUs are highly efficient and much more reliable. The units installed by CDC provide more than 80% efficiency and are the quietest operating units available. The high voltage, variable speed ECM motors ensure the best performance at all times.

The built-in alarm option provides a warning to residents about water overflow and automatically turns the unit off to prevent water damage.


Install the Best

When CDC installs new fan coil units in your condominium, know that you are getting the best in quality and service.

The units we install, made by Inner-Cool Fan Coil Systems, are locally manufactured in the GTA and are CSA and/or UL approved. The system’s K-flex closed cell antimicrobial insulation reduces microbial growth and enables the mould remediation process.

To ensure a high standard of performance, the units are factory installed. Because they are fully customizable, they can be assembled to suit your individual high or low rise condominium’s heating and cooling needs. There are many modular options and packages to choose from.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Fan Coil Units?

When you hire the CDC Condominium Fan Coil Unit Replacement team to install new FCUs in your building, you’re not only getting top of the line FCUs, but you’re getting the most knowledgeable, professional service, too. Our installers, who are certified Mould Remediation specialists, are experienced with large-scale replacement condo projects and are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

With CDC, experience a return to Standard Unit condition in no time at all! To learn more about our FCU services, visit our website , send us en email at or contact us by calling 905-712-1232. Inquire about rebates available for bulk replacement of FCUs in your building!

By Sarah McKenzie