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Management Team 

On site at every job you will find a Site Supervisor, Project Manager, and Construction Manager. Together these professionals manage the trades, the materials, and the projects to keep everyone on task and communicate with appropriate parties as issues come up.

Plumbing Team

CDC has a Team of 8 Master Plumbers and 25 Journeymen who carry our tasks related to plumbing. All our plumbers are Uponor Certified and are licensed in the Cities in which they work. Specific certification available on request.

Finishing Team 

Led by our lead contractor/project manager, the team consists of drywall installers, painters, and specialized moulding and trim specialists.




Kemal Ekmekci


Kemal is the founder of CDC and president of CDC. He has experience in residential, commercial and Highrise building. Prior to CDC he has ran many projects from start to finish. He has over 30 years of experience in areas such as scheduling, managing projects, estimating, pricing and architectural designs. He has started and finished projects in Turkey, Qatar and Canada. He is now bringing his international experience to CDC where he plans to set high standards.


ersin 1

Ersin Misirlisoy

Vice President

Ersin is the Co-founder of CDC and the Vice President. He has 30 years of experience in residential, commercial and condominium projects. He has experience in all areas within construction from general construction to plumbing and electrical. If a problem cannot be solved Ersin can solve it.



Mustafa Tuncer

Project Director

Mustafa has over 25 years of experience in both engineering and construction project management. He oversees all CDC Projects ensuring everything is up to CDC standards and that there is no issue with scheduling or project estimation and quality of work. He has excellent communication skills with our clients, office, and onsite teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page.



Umut Alpkaya

Operations Manager 

Umut has over 15 years of experience in residential, commercial, and high-rise buildings. He oversees the project from start to finish. He manages and schedules the finishing team. He also ensures work site safety and makes sure everything Is on schedule and done to CDC’s standards. You will see him on site often checking on the work being done and making sure everything is up to standard.


Basal Syed

Mechanical Project Manager

Basal has over 20 years of experience in plumbing within commercial, residential and Highrise buildings. He also is a licensed Red Seal Plumber and oversees all plumbing related jobs and 24/7 service.  He manages and schedules the plumbing team. He ensures work site safety and makes sure everything is up to par with CDC standards. You will see him on site often doing the final check of the project and approving all work done.


soroush 1

Soroush Ebadi 

Principal, HVAC & Energy Management 

Soroush is a Professional Mechanical Engineer (P.Eng),  a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), and a LEED Accredited Professional ( LEED AP BD+C)  who has experience in both consulting engineering and construction industries. 
He is in charge of CDC’s HVAC and Energy Management Division. His knowledge in engineering, project execution, and client relationship management helps him to build a well-deserved reputation as a collaborative project partner, focused on delivering the greatest value and best results for our clients.
Outside the office, Soroush enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing soccer, and he is always down for hiking/camping!



vedat ekmekçi photo: foto

Vedat Ekmekci


 Works closely with the office and on-site team. He helps with brand recognition.  oversees the marketing and social media side of CDC ensuring everyone can see the high-quality work CDC provides. He prepares any promotional events that CDC does or sponsors.



Khalid Rasool

Project Manager

Abbas has 20 years of experience in project management. He has tons of knowledge in both plumbing and mechanical work. He works closely with our plumbing and mechanical team. A strategic planner with expertise in planning and executing mechanical projects with a flair for adopting modern methodologies complying with quality standards, with strong interpersonal, communication, and decision-making skills.


Why Choose CDC?  

Canadian Design and Construction Inc. Understands the unique needs of the condominium environment and procedures, as we are members of ACMO and CCI, and we have extensive experience working with Condo Boards.

Residents of condominium communities require reassurance that procedures done in the building will not be disruptive and will respect the premises. CDC crew members all abide by the High Rise Building codes and we also have deep understanding of the Condo Act, by-laws and rules as laid out in the Condominium Declaration documents.

We explain procedures to residents so there are no surprises, and in a way that also respects the needs of the management team and board. Finally, we are renovation professionals who understand how important it is to restore the suite to Standard Unit or its previous condition.

Canadian Design and Construction Inc is a WSIB-registered and compliant company which carries a $5 million liability insurance policy. We incorporate best practices in the health safety of our workers, who are regularly trained in the use of protective equipment, materials and procedures. Supervision and enforcement of compliance procedures ensure a safe work environment for people and premises.


We are a member in Good Standing of ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers Ontario) and CCI (Canadian Condominium Institute). Our CDC professionals provide a range of services for condominium common areas and units. CDC offers:


  • Kitec plumbing replacement in suites and common areas
  • Plumbing & Mechanical 
  • Restoration Contracting – for parking garage, and building envelope including concrete repair
  • Construction and refurbishment of lobbies and other common areas
  • Energy efficiency such as lighting and fan coil units in-suite



To serve the condominium, commercial, and residential sectors in the Greater Toronto Area, with excellence and efficiency. To provide quality workmanship and timely completion of construction, maintenance, and refurbishment projects.




CDC Is a trusted and reliable partner to the condominium community; working hard to maintain and improve the standards of properties in their care through proactive collaboration.



  • To Help Property Managers in fulfilling their responsibilities with greater ease
  • To Protect residents’ and investors’ interests by caring for their property
  • To Provide information and insight to Boards so they can make informed decisions and save money
  • To Support engineers and other professionals in their carrying out their duties
  • To Grow our team and their skills, continually striving to have the best crew in the business


  • Conscientious oversight
  • Lean and efficient project management
  • Investment in our team’s knowledge base and skill development
  • Clear, transparent, and accurate communication
  • Every problem has a solution – do what it takes with a positive attitude and learn from each experience.
  • Safety First – taking risks with health and safety doesn’t pay in the end.
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