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Whether you are faced with a big leak in your building main lobby, or something as simple as a resident’s clogged drain, our reliable CDC team provides 24/7 plumbing services to meet your condo building needs.

We are experts in Commercial, Industrial and Residential plumbing, with services supported by the latest equipment and technologies, and a trained, experienced, licensed and insured bonded workforce.

When a pipe bursts, call CDC first!
Our reliable CDC team has a wide range of 24/7 plumbing services to meet your condo building’s needs.
We can help your condo community with:
  • Drain/stack cleaning
  • Riser and Riser Valve Replacement
  • Riser Valve Tagging
  • Re-piping and retrofit of domestic water waterlines (Kitec)
  • Backflow preventer installation
  • Repair of pinhole leaks
  • Mixing valve maintenance
  • Faucet and Hose Replacement
  • Clean Out Installation
  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Risk Assessment
  • Water Conservation Audit
Don’t Flush Money Down the Drain
Water conservation should be on everyone’s priority list. It’s certainly on ours! With growing world population rates and such a small percentage of all the water on Earth (0.5%) fit for consumption, we must preserve and conserve this precious resource. Wasted water, from a pinhole leak for example, could not only be costing your building money, but is harming the environment.
Water conservation indeed takes effort, but that’s where we come in. Our CDC experts can create a Water Conservation audit to help you save money down the line.
Call us first, before you really end up in hot water – it costs you nothing!
CDC professionals offer a sample assessment of 10 units in your building, to help give you a picture of what your situation is. Your corporation’s insurance premiums and deductibles are affected by every incident in your building that affects other units – is it worth it to leave yourself exposed to higher costs, when you could take care of it with prevention?
Let us conduct a complimentary Risk Assessment of common areas and a select number of suites, to determine the risk of water escape. You will have the information you need to determine whether and how you can work with your residents to prevent costly insurance increases. Book one at no charge or obligation today! email or call 905-615-1111.
What’s really going on behind the wall?  
Perhaps it’s time to change your old Fan Coil Units (FCUs) for new ones? If they are more than 15 years old, replacing them will improve energy efficiency and have your residents breathing in fresher air. If your units are more than 20 years old, then you are breathing in air that can actually be harmful.
Some of the benefits of replacing with high efficiency FCUs
  • High efficiency saves energy costs.
  •  Quiet machines made in Canada
  • K-Flex Insulation is anti-microbial, closed cell —  NOT fibreglass
  • Overflow alarm option shuts down the machine to prevent water escape.
  • Better filtration system.

Our heating and air-conditioning professionals are dedicated to the highest standards of services. We specialize in providing heating, air-conditioning and ventilation services for your condo community. Our certified mould remediation specialists can show you how to reduce risk of illness in your building, especially in vulnerable age and health groups.

“Kitec – A Matter of When, not If”

Most condominium mechanical engineers believe that based on industry experience with Kitec piping, premature failure may occur in the future. This presents the problem of uncertainty for property owners, which can bring stress and worry about safety, structural stability, disclosure requirements, and lower property values.

The rate of failure of the Kitec pipes will certainly increase over time as the condition of the piping and fittings worsens. No one in the condo sector has completed more Kitec replacement remediation projects. With over 5000 units completed in the GTA, we can prepare you for every scenario, and offer you a test unit remediation at low cost to give you the most accurate picture of what is involved in your building – No two buildings are alike! Ensure your quotes are detailed and thorough.

Water Conservation

Valve Maintenance

Risk Assessment 

Plumbing Emergencies

Pinhole Leaks

Clogs and Drainage


CDC understands Condo Board procedures and has significant experience collaborating with property owners, tenants, engineers, and property managers to ensure good planning and efficient execution.

Our professionals can work with your Board to communicate for clear understanding among all parties. Let us give a presentation or help you host a town hall.

CDC replaces fan coil units in multi-unit residential complexes. We also offer quality renovation capabilities. Talk to us about the best
approach for your building, for your peace-of-mind solution.

Good To Know…

A dripping faucet with a slow leak may seem harmless, but even small amounts of wasted water can become an expensive problem over time. If even 20 units in your condo building have small leaks, that’s an extra $400 a month of unnecessary costs.

Don’t flush any more money down the drain!