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When you are moving forward with Kitec pipe replacement in your condominium, CDC Kitec are the only experts to call in the GTA.When you call our team, you will be working with manufacturer-certified and trained pipe replacement specialists, employing engineer-approved materials and methods.Not only that, we are renovation professionals who understand how important it is to restore the unit to its previous condition – often even better! 

Most condominium mechanical engineers believe that based on the industry experience with Kitec piping, premature failure may occur in the future. This presents the problem of uncertainty for property owners, which can bring stress and worry about safety, structural stability, disclosure requirements, and property values.

The rate of failure of the Kitec pipes will certainly increase over time as the condition of the piping and fittings worsens.

The problem presents itself in two ways:

1. The brass fittings fail. Here is an article about the Kitec system brassfittings:

2. The pipe itself can rupture, mostly around the fittings, but anywhere pressure builds up and where water temperature is very high. Learn how the pipe has been failing here. (** includes video**)

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Our CDC Kitec team work swiftly and with utmost care to ensure a return to a unit that is restored to its original condition. Our team will:

1. Prepare the area with dust-reducing method to cut into drywall
2. Disconnect existing Kitec Piping
3. Install new approved Upenor Pex pipes and fittings  under the supervision of UPONOR (manufacturer) CERTIFIED and trained plumbers.
4. Restore the drywall or tile to its original condition
5. Paint the new surfaces so the colour is even, with a fresh coat
6. Clean the unit (if requested)




More than Just Plumbers.

In addition to the retrofit and renewal of the unit, the team at CDC are more than just plumbers, we are a full-service renovation company.  When undertaking pipe replacement, you have an opportunity to replace some outdated pieces and utilize the on-site experts at the same time, saving you money and time. We can bring in high quality, new items for you, and even provide design and decor consultation! CDC pros can provide separate estimates for the following services:

Upgrade the suite, with new fixtures and appliances, such as lighting, microwaves, washers and dryers, dishwashers, and sinks. New lighting technology with modern dimmer motion sensors are easily and swiftly installed.

Remodel, beautify and increase functionality of the most important areas of your home: your bathrooms and kitchen! Imagine a new vanity, with bright and flattering new lighting. If you always wanted pot lights or accent lighting, now is the time. Your counter can be replaced with elegant granite or quartz.

Boost comfort levels: Upper floors in tall buildings tend to get hot in the summer: how about new window coverings or ceiling fans?

Resurface tired flooring and walls. We can refinish, polish or re-stain hardwood, replace tile flooring or walls, create or replace a tile backsplash. Older carpet? Consider new carpet or laminate in the bedroom. Even a simple paint job refresh with a new colour would be a snap when our team is fixing drywall in the area.

CDC pros can update your unit so you and your family can focus on what is important!

Canadian Design and Construction Inc. offers a 5 year warranty on surface treatment work done on the premises, provided that regular annual maintenance of the system is performed either by CDC technicians or qualified industry technicians.

Kitec piping was used in homes and condominium units  in new buildings from 1995 to 2007. The replacement of Kitec with Uponor Aqua Pex® has been recommended as a favorable course of action to protect properties and prevent damage. This retrofit presents multi-pronged issues. CDC has the right expertise to assist:

  • Condominium Boards
  • Property Managers
  • Home Owners, Buyers and Sellers


Take a look at some images of the Kitec Replacement Process

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