Completing a large parking garage restoration project always takes extensive planning to ensure it goes smoothly. But compared to other seasons, winter construction can bring additional difficulties. We’ve listed some of the common challenges below that property managers face when completing a winter parking garage restoration project.

Detecting Damage

Snow, salt and ice can make it difficult to notice damage on your parking garage’s ceilings, walls, ramps, columns and joists. But when you do, act fast! Large cracks, falling concrete or floor damage can negatively affect the structural stability of your building – and need to be dealt with immediately, regardless of the season.

Parking Cars

It can be enough of a challenge to clear the snow and ice from your parking garage on a normal day in the winter. So how are you going to clear the entire parking garage for more than a few hours – possibly even days – when major restoration work is needed?

The good news is that you likely won’t have to. Reputable contractors are experienced with managing parking garage projects using techniques that only require half of the cars to be vacated from the garage at a time. This means that the (often limited) street parking can better accommodate your displaced residents – even during unexpected snowstorms.


Paint-Drying Time

During the winter, garage dampness does not evaporate as quickly because of the cooler temperatures and lack of ventilation. These conditions create longer drying times for any painting project in your parking garage – including painting of walls, columns and ceilings.

Before paint can be applied, surfaces will need to be properly prepped with a power washer so that sand, salt and other debris are removed. While drying, the surfaces will need to stay protected from debris damage so that the paint can properly set (and look aesthetically appealing).

Specially formulated water-based paints for asphalt and concrete dry faster than solvent-based paints, making them more suitable for parking garages. However, freeze-resistance will likely need to be added so that the water-based paints don’t freeze.


Reputable Contractor

Although spring and fall are the optimal times for completing parking garage restorations, serious issues that compromise the stability of the parking garage structure lead to winter work. To help mitigate the inconvenience that winter restoration projects bring to your residents and board members, a reputable contractor is needed.

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By Sarah McKenzie