Winter can be especially hard on condominium parking garages. Salt and water that gathers from parked cars not only causes concrete surface damage but can contribute to rebar deterioration if it seeps into cracks that have been allowed to form. Besides creating unsightly dips and cracks in the concrete slab, this type of damage can, over time, affect the structural integrity of the parking decks. 

The good news? Canadian Design and Construction (CDC) Inc. is your industry expert when it comes to parking garage restorations. We can help ensure your parking garage remains in great shape for many years to come by helping you to make a plan for when you do your spring inspection. 

CDC’s Thorough Parking Garage Inspections 

Because most damage cannot be noticed until the parking garage is clean, the best time to inspect is after the pressure washing has been completed, just before cars are moved back in.  

After the cleaning, you and your superintendent can walk through and conduct a thorough inspection. If needed, the experts at CDC can show you what to look for. We’ll ensure you know how to check the concrete slab for damage and corrosion, inspect columns and expansion joints, review moisture barriers and evaluate the condition of ceilings, walls and ramps.  

If any damage is noted during our inspection, we will be able to recognize the severity of the damage and decide whether a restoration is required. If so, we will create a detailed work strategy, while documenting an rating any damage.

A good inspection report will have pictures, with measurements of the size and severity of any defects. 

Here is a picture of damage documented of a crack that starts 1/8″ wide. It’s not a major crack, but if moisture is getting in, what is going on under the surface? 


Here is what can happen in the ceiling below – rust is evident in the steel bars. 


Whether you need crack repair or injections, repainting, waterproofing, or expansion joint, leak and epoxy repairs, CDC can create a work plan that will get improvements completed with as little disruption to the daily routines of residents as possible.  

CDC will also manage the traffic redirection logistics during restoration projects – a consideration that is, for some contractors, an afterthought.   

We can present the plan to the board and answer any questions they may have. 

Your Condo Community Partner, Your Peace-of-Mind Solution 

As a bonded, fully insured, WSIB-registered and compliant company, we instill best practices when training our workers on protective equipment, materials and procedures. Our team is made up of licensed tradespeople and industry experts. Detailed policies and procedures are followed during each restoration project, where we use only engineer-approved materials and methods. In addition, since materials and technologies are always being improved, we make it a point to update our knowledge through regular learning events.  

As members of Acmo (the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) and CCI (the Canadian Condominium Institute), we understand the condo environment thoroughly and can provide references.  

Book Your Spring Parking Garage Inspection Today! 

Save time, money and headaches by preventing future structural issues in your condominium’s parking garage. To book your free spring inspection, contact us today by emailing or by calling 905-712-1232. Learn more about our parking garage restoration services here . Happy spring!

By: Sarah McKenzie