There’s a popular expression that every impression is a first impression. This certainly holds true for condo living. Your residents can close their doors and keep their personal surroundings to themselves, but the one thing everyone notices is a building’s common elements. If the hallway carpeting is getting matted and dingy, or the floors in the lobby are losing their lustre, this reflects badly on the overall building and the lifestyle it portrays.

Residents desire to live in a building that is well-maintained. They want to be proud of where they live, and they are paying for the space that everyone uses. If the first thing they  (or their guests!) see is an outdated, dingy lobby, that’s going to stick in their minds. Neglected common elements can make or break first impressions of how a building is run.

Why not walk around with a checklist as if you are viewing your surroundings for the first time?

  • Are the floors in the lobby polished and cleaned?
  • Are bathrooms in working order, clean and well lit?
  • Are fitness facilities hygienic, well-maintained and are the machines/pool/sauna in working order? Do they look inviting and modern?
  • Are carpets in good shape, free of pulls or  stains?
  • Are hallways adequately lit, without markings on the walls?
  • Has concrete been power-washed, including the parking garage and stairwells?
  • Is the lobby clean and modern-looking and is the wood panelling in good shape?
  • Has the party room had a refresh? Chairs, floors and panelling can show wear and tear.
  • Are tiles and stonework in good shape and not chipped or broken?
  • Are the grounds well kept, with walkways safe, even, and well lit? Stones or patio furniture in need of replacing? How is the wood holding up in the gazebos or play areas?

Canadian Design & Construction Inc. can help refresh your common elements with repairs to concrete, woodwork, paving, concrete repairs, or full refurbishment of entire lobby and common facilities.

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By: Lisa Brennan