What a great show! The CCI Acmo Condo conference didn’t disappoint.

Property Managers, Board Directors and professionals serving the condo industry and their communities have a tough job – don’t think we don’t notice!

Our booth was very lively with great discussions taking place where we learned what is important to you right now.

Some of you are facing Kitec plumbing replacement in your community – and we know how daunting that is – yet there you were, proactively taking measures to stay ahead of the problem.

We heard from others who are wondering if replacing your fan coils is the best move or upgrade existing units.

Whether about these major projects or restoring other areas of your building, we know your communities are in good hands thanks to you going the extra mile to learn all that you can. Knowledge is power.

Enjoy the pictures and let us know if we can be of help!

Samantha, Canadian Design & Construction Inc.