Sunshine. Flowers. Warmth.

After a long winter, spring is finally here.

While spring brings welcomed warmth and melting snow, it also showcases the damage that winter has left behind.

Here are three maintenance measures that you should complete on your underground parking garage in anticipation of the warmer weather. A little maintenance today could result in big savings tomorrow.

The Importance of Spring Maintenance on Parking Garages

Think back to all the snow and ice storms we experienced this past winter.

Now consider the amount of the salt that was brought into your underground parking garage.

Although the salt helps keep your residents’ safe while on the road, it can greatly affect the durability of your reinforced concrete parking structure. When water and salt come into contact with an iron-based alloy like the carbon steel found in your garage’s steel or rebar, rust forms. This results in an expansive pressure being applied to the concrete bordering the steel, which can negatively affect the load-carrying capacity of the parking deck.

Over time, compounding corrosion-related deterioration could result in structural concerns in your condominium’s underground parking garage – to the point of total collapse.

Complete a Deep Clean

Start by power washing the complete parking deck to remove crystallized salts from the concrete. Doing so can lessen the chloride contamination of the reinforced concrete and help prevent damage to the reinforced concrete.

Next, flush and clean the floor drains and drain pipes to remove any buildup of salt-laden water. If a drain is damaged or clogged, complete an appropriate repair or replacement.

Check that the cleanouts installed on the slab’s underside are in good condition and that operable grates on drain bodies are still intact.

Inspect the Moisture Protection Systems

Your underground parking garage’s moisture protection systems play an important role in extending the lifetime of the garage’s structure. That’s why it’s important to complete a thorough inspection of the moisture protection system – or hire a contractor who’s experienced with doing so.

Are there any leaks on the underside of the slab or standing water around the drains? Is there excessive wear in the coating of the traffic deck? Do you see any tears or adhesive failures within the joint sealants?

Any defect noted should be effectively managed to maintain the performance of your parking garage’s waterproofing system.

Arrange for Any Painting

If your underground parking garage is in need of a paint job, then spring is one of the best times to complete this task. Cars will have to be removed from the structure, and temporary street parking is more easily accommodated before summer events begin.

A high amount of soot can be created when preparing and painting, so delay cleaning the parking garage until the painting is completed.

The warmer weather has finally arrived, which means it’s time to schedule a parking garage condition assessment with Canadian Design and Construction. We can repair any damage that winter has created to ensure that your parking garage remains structurally sound. Contact us today to arrange an inspection of your parking garage structure and moisture-protection systems.


By Sarah McKenzie