Spring is finally here.

Along with spring’s arrival comes the opportunity to spend more time outdoors – without the risk of catching a cold.

Condominium balconies provide the perfect opportunity for many Toronto residents to get outside. But after the harsh winter that we just experienced, are you wondering if your balcony requires any maintenance work? And if it does, do your condo’s residents know who is responsible for paying for the maintenance and repairs?

We’ve got the facts for you below when it comes to your condo balcony and required restoration work. As property managers, you can pass this information along to your condo’s residents/Board members.

Your Condo’s Balcony: An Exclusive-Use Common Element

From corridors and garages to the roof and heating and air conditioning systems, it’s normally easy to determine the common elements within a condo building.

Things start to get more complicated when you considering condominium balconies.

As an area where only the unit owners or neighbouring unit owners have access, a balcony is known as an exclusive-use common element. Parking spaces and marina slips also fall into this category.

In Ontario, there is no standardization when it comes to exclusive-use common elements. So sometimes, balconies can be classified as freehold, too. Check the declaration of your unit to see how your balcony is classified.

Determining Who is Responsible for Condo Balcony Maintenance and Repairs

Under most circumstances, a condo unit owner is responsible for the maintenance of any exclusive-use common element.

When repairs or replacements are necessary, the condo Board is normally responsible.

Any exceptions would be outlined in your unit declaration paperwork.

Unit Owners Can Be Responsible for Balcony Repairs and Replacement, Too

Like most things in life, there are exceptions when it comes to condo balcony repairs or replacement, too.

Although the reserve fund can typically be used for condo restoration work, each owner may be responsible. For example, if the unit owner has not completed proper maintenance on their balcony or allowed the corporation to do so and damage occurs, the owner may be responsible for the costs.

The same logic applies when a unit owner, guest or tenant has caused damage to an exclusive-use common element and repairs are necessitated.

The Repairs Required by Concrete Balconies

There eventually comes a time when your concrete balcony surface will need to be repaired or resurfaced due to extensive damage. Normally if one balcony requires restoration work, all of the balconies in the building will as well.

Diamond-tipped grinders can make balconies damaged by weather, pitting or poor finishes look new again. If there’s a water infiltration issue, a solution can normally be found by re-sloping the balcony surface to eliminate any water pooling. When it comes to balcony restorations, Canadian Design and Construction knows how to best restore or reconstruct balconies. As part of our building envelope restoration services, we work quickly and safely to restore balconies to their optimal condition. Contact us today for more details.


By Sarah McKenzie