Why CDC? Meet the Team

Canadian Design and Construction Inc. understands the unique needs of the condominium environment and procedures, as we are members of ACMO and CCI, and we have extensive experience working with Condo Boards.

Residents of condominium communities require reassurance that procedures done in the building will not be disruptive and will respect the premises. CDC crew members all abide by the High Rise Building codes and we also have deep understanding of the Condo Act, by-laws and rules as laid out in the Condominium Declaration documents. We explain procedures to residents so there are no surprises, and in a way that also respects the needs of the management team and board.

Finally, we are renovation professionals who understand how important it is to restore the suite to Standard Unit or its previous condition.


Plumbing Team

CDC has a Team of 2 Master Plumbers and 6 Journeymen who carry our tasks related to plumbing. All our plumbers are Uponor Certified and are licenced in the Cities in which they work. Specific certification available on request.

Finishing Team

Led by our lead contractor/project manager, the team consists of drywall installers, painters, and specialized moulding and trim specialists.

Management Team

On site at every job you will find a Site Supervisor, Project Manager, and Construction Manager. Together these professionals manage the trades, the materials, and the projects to keep everyone on task and communicate with appropriate parties as issues come up.

Team Members

Kemal Ekmekci
Kemal EkmekciLead Project Manager, Architectural Designer
Kemal manages the project from start to finish, and is your lead contact for Property Managers, Board Members, and Engineers. Kemal has extensive experience in both design and contracting of residential, commercial, institutional and condominium projects in high rise and low rise communities.
Ersin Misirlisoy
Ersin MisirlisoyOperations Manager
Mr Misirlisoy brings over 20 years’ experience in residential and condominium projects as a construction site supervisor. Ersin manages the work site, ensures safety procedures are followed, supervises Uponor Pex plumbing installation, and manages the team members’ schedules and HR needs. In addition, Ersin manages material inventories and the procurement side, including supplier relations and on-site receiving, as well as waste management.
Skills / Training
Certified Uponor Installer
Extensive hands-on experience in construction management from ground up.