Canadian Design and Construction Inc is a WSIB-registered and compliant company which carries a $5 million liability insurance policy. We incorporate best practices in the health safety of our workers, who are regularly trained in the use of protective equipment, materials and procedures. Supervision and enforcement of compliance procedures ensure a safe work environment for people and premises.

We are a member in Good Standing of ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers Ontario) and CCI (Canadian Condominium Institute). Our CDC professionals provide a range of services for condominium common areas and units. CDC offers:

  • Restoration Contracting – for parking garage, and building envelope including concrete repair
  • Construction and refurbishment of lobbies and other common areas
  • Kitec plumbing replacement in suites and common areas
  • Energy efficiency retrofits such as lighting and fan coil units in-suite.


To serve the condominium, commercial and residential sectors in the Greater Toronto Area, with excellence and efficiency. To provide quality workmanship and timely completion of construction, maintenance, and refurbishment projects.


  • To Help Property Managers in fulfilling their responsibilities with greater ease
  • To Protect residents’ and investors’ interests by caring for their property
  • To Provide information and insight to Boards so they can make informed decisions and save money
  • To Support engineers and other professionals in their carrying out their duties
  • To Grow our team and their skills, continually striving to have the best crew in the business

Our Vision:

CDC Is a trusted and reliable partner to the condominium community; working hard to maintain and improve the standards of properties in their care through proactive collaboration.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Conscientious oversight
  • Lean and efficient project management
  • Investment in our team’s knowledge base and skill development
  • Clear, transparent, and accurate communication
  • Every problem has a solution – do what it takes with a positive attitude and learn from each experience.
  • Safety First – taking risks with health and safety doesn’t pay in the end.

Meet Our Team

Kemal Ekmekci Architectural Designer and Project Manager
Ersin MisirlisoyOperations Manager