Winter Wreaks Havoc on Our Parking Garages.

Winter Wreaks Havoc on Our Parking Garages.

Is it time to Resurface? How can you tell?

Concrete deterioration is caused by a variety of factors, including age, environment and overall upkeep. Which of these things can you control? Ensuring your parking garage is properly maintained NOW will save you valuable time and money in the future.

You can bring in an engineer or one of our CDC Surface Treatment professionals to assess your garage. You could be in good shape – but sometimes you can’t tell by looking. We are here to help!

Watch a quick video of the CDC crew restore and protect concrete from deterioration here!

Let Us Assess the Situation!

We’ll look for signs of the following:

Water Seepage
Excess water can corrode metal supports and rebar, compromising the structure of the parking deck. Learn more here!

Aging Buildings
Mature parking garages are more at risk of deterioration due to age. Left untreated, deterioration will continue, resulting in reduced structural integrity.

Salt Damage
Parked cars do more than just take up space in a garage. They leave behind a nasty residue of salt and water, that can cause cracks and dips in the concrete over time. Here’s our process for fixing cracks

By: Lisa Brennan

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