What’s on Your Building’s Wish List for 2019?

What’s on Your Building’s Wish List for 2019?

January is a month of careful reflection. Whatever mistakes we made or regrets we had the year prior can be erased. It’s a fresh start. For many of us, that includes promises to eat healthier and make it to the gym for that dreaded 6 a.m. daily workout. Perhaps it also means tightening the purse strings and setting a realistic budget for the year ahead.

For property managers, regional managers and Board Members, your New Year’s Wish List will look a little different (although let’s face it — cutting back on sugar is probably something we ALL need to do!) Those projects that were left behind in 2018 may be front and centre for this year. This could be the moment that the outdated furniture in your building’s lobby is finally modernized, and the peeling wallpaper all throughout the common elements is refreshed.

Perhaps your building’s wish list for 2019 looks something like this….

Updating Your Condo Lobby

Are you tired of looking at the same old furniture in your building’s lobby? How about the stained carpet that you’ve been longing to replace, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it? 2019 is the year to update your space and give it a fresh new look. If you’re unsure of where to begin, contact us today. One of our specialties is renovation of common elements, including lobby, building envelope and recreational facilities. We also work with a condominium-specialist designer to ensure your space is not only stylish, but meets fire regulations, too.

Changing the Lighting in Your Building’s Common Elements

The way a space is lit can completely alter the entire mood of a room.  Walking down a dimly lit hallway, for example, is uninviting and unappealing for condo residents and guests. Lights that are too bright may be overwhelming and can even make a room feel oppressive. Upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting is also likely on your list, if you haven’t updated it already. Is it time to change the lighting in your building’s common elements? Our team can help you make the right choice.

Revisiting Your Condo’s Wayfinding Signs

Does your condo building have clear wayfinding signs? In a condo building, wayfinding signage guides people through parking garages, and interior condo signagehelps with orientation and navigation throughout the building. It seems basic, but sometimes it takes an outsider’s point of view to reveal where confusion can happen. Ask your security guard about what people ask for most – maybe a sign will help them to do their job better! When used effectively, wayfinding signs can help people to orientate, navigate or remember the building environment. They can also decrease accidents and increase the value of a building. Our team can help point (pun intended) you in the right direction.


2019 is YOUR year to address unfinished projects and unaddressed issues in your condo building. CDC can help you with this. We provide specialized services to the condo community, including Parking Garage Waterproofing and Restoration, Common Elements Refurbishment, Fan Coil Maintenance and Replacement and Kitec Plumbing Replacement. Visit our website today for more information.


By Lisa Marie Brennan  


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