Top Three Fitness Must Haves in Your Condo

Fitness and nutrition are top priorities for Canadians, according to a 2017 survey. More than half of participants want improved overall quality of life as their main motivation for becoming more active.  This focus on health and wellness makes the fitness facilities in your condominium all the more important. The convenience of working out at home and avoiding the hefty monthly fees of a “big box gym” are what residents will look for when choosing the condo lifestyle. Can your building’s facility compete with the local gym?

Consider whether yours takes these three things into account:


Simply put, a gym must have enough space to work out in. Amenities in condos can be cramped, so those who prefer to spread out and do yoga or strength-training may be dissuaded from working out in their building if it feels cramped. A proper condo gym shouldn’t be an afterthought, or a few dusty machines thrown in a corner of a sadly lit room. You also shouldn’t have to worry about crashing into someone when doing sit-ups.

Adequate Number of Machines

This is a big one. Standing around waiting to use machines wastes everyone’s valuable time. Ensure your building’s fitness facility has an adequate number of machines available so residents can make the most of their workouts. Wearable devices that track your step count, such as the Fitbit, are wildly popular. Everyone makes a beeline for the treadmills as a result, so ensure that there are enough machines to cater to this rising trend. If there are 400 units in your building, how many will need access to machines at peak times? This has to be taken into consideration when planning how much space to allot to a fitness facility.


Working out produces a lot of sweat and, frankly, gyms can be cesspools of germs when the facility is not kept clean. Make sure your building’s amenities are properly maintained and hygienic by offering residents a few cleaning stations, so they can wipe down the equipment after each use.

Remember, residents will be happiest when they feel they are getting the most value for their monthly maintenance fees.

If residents are not happy with the current facilities and if it’s time for a common elements refurbishment or refresh, the Canadian Design & Construction Inc. can happily consult on a new fitness design.  See here for more details and to arrange a consultation.

By: Lisa Brennan

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