Smelling Cannabis Without Smoking Cannabis: Why Replacing a Condo’s Old Fan Coil Unit is Important

Smelling Cannabis Without Smoking Cannabis: Why Replacing a Condo’s Old Fan Coil Unit is Important

Why Replacing a Condo’s Old Fan Coil Unit is Important 

When you think of unhealthy air, you likely think of car exhaust fumes and factory smokestacks. But what about the indoor air being circulated throughout your condo building? Are you confident that what your tenants are breathing in is healthy? 

Fan Coil Units (FCUs) – normally relied upon to provide air conditioning and heating in the condo unit it serves – can actually become a source of poor air quality when they reach a certain age. Even with proper maintenance, FCUs can become ineffective, which is when leakages start to occur and unhealthy air is produced.  

Here’s why you should be replacing your FCUs and what could happen if you don’t! 

A Hidden Danger: Old Fan Coil Units and Secondhand Smoke 

When Fan Coil Units are older than 20 years old, they start to deteriorate, even if you’ve been completing regular maintenance. Besides harmful mould accumulation, aging FCUs can start to pull in air from neighbouring units, leading to odour issues. 

Your residents may start to complain about unpleasant odours – from cooking smells, to toxins and yes, even cannabis. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Ontario, residents are now allowed to grow up to four plants for recreational use per unit. Both smoking cannabis and growing marijuana plants can produce that unique, pungent smell. 

Although often overlooked, aging FCUs can be the main culprit for these odour complaints. 


As a Condo Board or Condo Management Team, it’s crucial that you do your research before choosing replacement FCUs for your building. Replacing your buildings’ FCUs requires a large financial investment, so taking the time to ensure you choose a quality product is important. 

Contact our CDC Condominium Fan Coil Unit Replacement team today for more information. Be sure to inquire about the rebates available for bulk replacement of FCUs in your building!


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