Managing the Logistics of Your Parking Garage Restoration

Managing the Logistics of Your Parking Garage Restoration

We all know keeping your parking garage in great structural shape is crucial. And even though repairs are sometimes necessary, they can present challenges if the repairs take more than a day and parking must be accommodated elsewhere. Traffic flow can become altered and residents’ frustration levels can rise.

The good news? The inconvenience can be minimized when your condo restoration project is properly managed. Here’s how!

Step #1: Choose a Reputable Condo Restoration Company

Who you select as your condo restoration company is key when it comes to minimizing the associated disruption.

Condos present unique challenges when it comes to restoration projects. Only a reputable, experienced restoration company will be able to confidently complete the work – while also limiting the associated inconvenience to residences.

Choose a company that places importance on this right from the beginning, rather than as an afterthought.

Step #2: Formulate a Plan

Without a plan, your condo’s parking garage restoration project becomes even more confusing, frustrating and inconvenient to residents.

Before work begins, a plan needs to be created that documents how the work will be completed and the logistics required at each stage. Find out how the traffic redirection logistics will be managed throughout the restoration project and which restoration work will be completed when.

The smoothest parking garage restoration work is completed when it’s done section by section. This allows certain areas of the parking garage to remain fully functional while work is completed elsewhere.


Step #3: Make Communication a Priority

The best way of appeasing your residents when completing an inconvenient parking garage restoration is by informing them clearly and with reminders.

Post a schedule that documents what work will be done, and when. Include a map of any parking redirection, off-limit parking spaces, etc.

Keep the lines of communication open between the condo restoration company and management. If the condo restoration company runs into any problems, ensure that you get informed of them right away. Updating your residents on any additional delays will make the project go much smoother.

CDC Can Ensure Your Condo Restoration Project Goes Smoothly

It’s impossible to completely eliminate all the frustration, confusion and worry from your condo residents during a parking garage restoration. However, the angst can be minimized when properly managed.

CDC is your expert when it comes to your condo restoration project! Not only can we complete the work required (including resurfacing, concrete crack repairs or injections and waterproofing), but we can also handle the logistics of the entire project. From start to finish, CDC can professionally manage all aspects of your restoration project, including any logistical aspects.

Let us show you how we can ensure your parking garage restoration project goes smoothly! Contact us today for more details.

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