Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Condo Buildings

Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Condo Buildings

With the rising costs of gas, electricity and water services in condo buildings, achieving energy efficiency is now the new normal. Since utilities can account for 40 percent of a condo’s ongoing operating expenses, completing energy efficient upgrades will not only help the environment – but your bottom line, too.

When it comes to completing upgrades to your building’s heating, cooling, ventilation and water circulation systems, it can be difficult to know where to start. Knowing which systems are most cost-effective to focus on and learning about which financial incentives you qualify for can be confusing. Even so, making your condo building more energy efficient is a decision you won’t regret!

The Benefits of “Going Green”

Utilities present the biggest controllable expense for your condo corporation. Depending on the age of your condo, savings of up to 30% can be achieved by completing energy efficient upgrades.

The Process of “Going Green”

Before you can decide what should be done to make your condo building more energy efficient, take a look at your building’s existing energy use.

See how your building’s energy usage stacks up against comparable buildings using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Then, contact a qualified energy management firm to complete an energy audit. By doing a walkthrough of your building, they’ll determine where the most energy is being used, as well as the best opportunities for energy savings. Although there are many low cost (or even free) energy audit services, a comprehensive one ensures you will capitalize on energy savings for your condo.

Next, use the information gained from your comprehensive energy audit to develop a plan. Compare the benefits and costs of each retrofit suggestion and then choose the energy efficiency measures that best match the goals set with your stakeholders.

Many Different Energy Retrofits Available

A large part of making your condo more energy efficient comes down to deciding what your condo’s stakeholders deem most important.

Is it choosing retrofits that will lower your condo building’s operating costs the most? Or, are the retrofits mainly being done to help market your condo as an environmentally-friendly building featuring improved air quality and more thermal comfort?

Whatever may be the case, it’s worth checking out the various incentives available to help with your condo’s energy upgrades. Check out Save on Energy’s incentives and rebates for condos to learn more about Retrofit Program Incentives and Ontario Energy Audit Funding.

Capitalizing on Energy Savings Opportunities

Whatever type of energy saving measure is implemented at your condo, know that energy savings will be a result! Depending on which type of retrofits completed, energy savings range from 5-60%

and include:

* Saving 5-10% by re-caulking windows, cleaning boilers and updating heating, ventilation and cooling set points

* Saving 15-30% by installing new equipment or lighting systems

* Saving 30-60% by completing building cladding, window upgrades, geothermal heating and cooling and solar energy panels

CDC: Your Partner in Certain Energy Retrofits!

As a bonded, fully insured, WSIB-registered and compliant company, CDC is an expert when it comes to completing condominium renovations!

One of our most frequently completed services is fan coil unit replacement. Besides being a great way to improve the efficiency of your building’s heating and cooling system, it helps ensure there’s a healthy indoor air quality, too.

Contact us today to learn how we can replace your building’s fan coil units and help you save on energy costs!

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