Celebrating Spring with Your Condo Community

Celebrating Spring with Your Condo Community

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of work, work, work around your condo building. Although it’s important to keep your building in great condition, it’s also important to sometimes take a break! And with spring just around the corner, what better time to schedule a fun activity aimed at bringing your condo community together?

Not only will this provide enjoyment for all, but it will allow an opportunity for you, as the property manager, to truly connect with residents.

Stuck at where to start when planning an enjoyable event this spring at your condo building? Check out the following ideas.

Plan a Spring Barbeque

Planning an event for your condo residents does not need to break the bank! Something as low key as organizing a free barbeque can be a wonderful way to bring your community together…and is also a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Organize a Viewing Event for a Sports Game

There’s something about watching a sporting event with other people that makes the event more exciting!

Set up a big screen in the common area in your community building and choose a live sports game to be viewed. Try to choose something that would be enjoyed by the majority of your residents. You could even offer sports viewings on a couple different days, and alternate the sport offered on each to appeal to various residents.

Serve some snacks that are appropriate for the sporting event, such as freshly made popcorn and pretzels for a baseball game.

Hire an Expert

Want to plan an event that will encourage resident involvement, without having to do a lot of work with planning? Consider hiring an expert to come in and teach your residents something for an hour or two.

Some ideas could be to hire a yoga teacher to teach family yoga, a clown or magician to provide an entertaining show or an expert to come in and speak on a topic that you think your residents would find informative.

Some Tips to Keep In Mind

  • Choose a time that will maximize the attendance numbers. Because most people have less structured schedules on the weekend, this time will also provide more opportunity for you to mingle with guests. Making the event more of a “drop-in” can help encourage more residents to show up. For example, advertising your barbeque as occurring between 11:00am – 2:00pm can bring out more residents as opposed to advertising the event occurring at noon.
  • Don’t think that you need to do all the work! Consider nominating a specials events committee to help organize events in your condo building and ask local businesses to provide sponsorships.
  • Remember that there will be people of all ages attending. When planning food, choose something that would appeal to children, too. Offering an activity or game during the event can help keep children entertained while allowing parents to relax.
  • Ask for a condo resident to take photographs of the event. When the event’s over, share them on the condo’s website (if applicable) or the bulletin board in the common area.

The Benefit of Planning a Condo Community Event

Planning an event for your condo community does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. The best part? Spending quality time with your condo residents can help take you from being a “good” property manager to a great one!

Need Help planning an Event?

You might be amazed if you ask some of your business contacts what they would be willing to sponsor. Call Canadian Design & Construction (CDC) and let us know what you do for your event – maybe we can help! info@cdcpro.ca.

By Sarah McKenzie

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