CDC’s Specialty Services: Where You Can Find the Information You Need

CDC’s Specialty Services: Where You Can Find the Information You Need

CDC understands the unique needs of the condominium environment, and this knowledge helps us to provide excellent service to the condo sector. CDC collaborates with Board members, property managers and engineers in high and low-rise condominiums to assess what needs to be done in your building.  

We have a lot of information we want to share with you about our different services. Each of our main specialty areas has its own designated website that includes specific information pertaining to that area of expertise, as well as informative blogs. You can also check out our Condo TV Page, which features step-by-step videos of our past projects at

Parking Garage Restoration and Waterproofing

Visit this site to learn about how to spot signs of damage in your parking garage. You can view videos and look at photos of our work process, and get a condition assessment. Recognizing the signs of deterioration in your parking garage today can save you money down the line.

Kitec Plumbing Replacement

It’s that dreaded “K” word again. Yes, Kitec plumbing — a property manager’s (and resident’s) worst nightmare. Visit this site to learn what Kitec plumbing is and how to identify it. You can also view our Info Presentation, which offers a step-by-step look at what goes into a condominium Kitec plumbing replacement. Videos of our past work are also available, as well as a Frequently Asked Question section. This website is a one-stop shop for all of your Kitec inquiries.

Fan Coil Replacement

Visit this site to gain a thorough understanding of why it’s important for residents to keep their Fan Coil Units maintained. If units get too old, they will have to be replaced entirely as breathing in poor quality air can come with certain health hazards — especially for the elderly and immunosuppressed. You’ll learn some important facts on indoor air quality and a step-by-step look at how CDC replaces inefficient Fan Coil Units.

Before we focused on the condominium sector, CDC made its mark in residential home renovations and remodelling. Check out our website here: to see a gallery of our past projects. We also focus on common elements refurbishment. Our CDC professionals can provide expertise and services from installation of carpet or tile, to window treatment and decor, and updating of common areas.  

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