CDC Booth at Condo Conference Nov. 2017 – Acmo-CCI

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What a great show! The CCI Acmo Condo conference didn't disappoint. Property Managers, Board Directors and professionals serving the condo industry and their communities have a tough job - don't think we don't notice! Our booth was very lively with great discussions taking place where we learned what is important to you right now. Some of [...]

Four Steps to Hosting a Successful Town Hall Meeting

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Town hall meetings give residents a voice, and a venue to clear up misunderstandings. It is a place where residents, property managers and board members can feel connected by one common goal: improving the building and the overall condominium community. Whether you are planning to replace Kitec plumbing or there is a major renovation planned, [...]

Common Elements in Condos: Why First Impressions Are Everything

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There’s a popular expression that every impression is a first impression. This certainly holds true for condo living. Your residents can close their doors and keep their personal surroundings to themselves, but the one thing everyone notices is a building’s common elements. If the hallway carpeting is getting matted and dingy, or the floors in [...]

Top Three Fitness Must Haves in Your Condo

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Fitness and nutrition are top priorities for Canadians, according to a 2017 survey. More than half of participants want improved overall quality of life as their main motivation for becoming more active.  This focus on health and wellness makes the fitness facilities in your condominium all the more important. The convenience of working out at [...]

Winter Wreaks Havoc on Our Parking Garages.

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Is it time to Resurface? How can you tell? Concrete deterioration is caused by a variety of factors, including age, environment and overall upkeep. Which of these things can you control? Ensuring your parking garage is properly maintained NOW will save you valuable time and money in the future. You can bring in an engineer [...]

Is Your Swimming Pool in Top Shape?

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Resurfacing an indoor swimming pool and/or whirlpool is a major undertaking. Identifying when and where problems are starting can save you time and money down the line, as well as keep residents happy. After all, lengthy construction jobs can disrupt the quality of life for those who rely on that morning dip in the pool before work. Why [...]

Switching From Heating to Cooling

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Fan Coil Units and healthy indoor air quality: Maintenance is critical but sometimes it's time to replace. Turning the air conditioner on when those heat waves arrive will be refreshing - but are the units in your building running as efficiently as they should? Old or dirty units impact the entire central system and can draw more energy than they should, resulting in [...]