Congratulations to the ACMO Award Winners!

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Last Friday, we gathered together at the Toronto Congress Centre for an Annual General Meeting, and to honour the commitment and dedication of professional Condominium Managers, Management Companies and Associate Members. CDC Inc. would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the R.C.M. associates who were recognized for their years of service and hard work. Honourable mention [...]

Tips to Making Your Condo Barbecue a Day to Remember

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Condo communities need resident involvement to thrive. As a hard-working property manager, or Board member, you can create thriving condo communities with a few memorable resident events. A condo barbecue presents a wonderful opportunity to get to know the residents living in your condo community, and for them to form lasting relationships with each other. We [...]

3 Signs that Your Condo Parking Garage Needs Attention

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The best way to avoid future costly repairs on your condominium’s parking garage is to complete regular inspections. But that can be easier said than done! A condominium’s parking garage is a huge space and there are plenty of places to look to prevent future issues – where do you even start?! Noticing problematic issues like [...]

Your Condo’s Fan Coil Units: A Hidden Mould and Dust Factory?

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How old are the fan coil units (FCUs) in your condominium building? If the answer is more than 15 or 20 years, your building's central system is likely running inefficiently, resulting in higher energy costs. Plus, the dirty air being produced by your condo’s older FCUs is placing your residents’ health at risk. When you replace [...]

A Quick Summary of New Condo Board Training Requirements

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This is a time of change for Board Members, as everyone  is no doubt aware by now. The Ontario government has recently announced some changes to the way condo boards are governed. These new regulations will be passed in phases, with the first rolling out as of July 2017. One key area of focus is that [...]

Parking Garages 101: The Glossary

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Assessing the state of your building’s parking garage is a crucial task you should be conducting regularly.  Parking garages have to be strong - both structurally and on the surface - to endure a lot of daily vehicular traffic.  To carry out a parking garage inspection with or without the building’s superintendent, it will help to [...]

Do You Know How to Do a Condominium Parking Garage Inspection?

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Winter can be especially hard on condominium parking garages. Salt and water that gathers from parked cars not only causes concrete surface damage but can contribute to rebar deterioration if it seeps into cracks that have been allowed to form. Besides creating unsightly dips and cracks in the concrete slab, this type of damage can, over time, affect the [...]

Kitec Plumbing Replacement: Dos and Don’ts

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Replacing Kitec plumbing in an entire building is no easy task. It takes careful planning, organization and teamwork to make the process run smoothly. During a big job like this, we aren’t just working with hardware and piping -- we’re working with people. We’re working with you. When you factor in the needs of residents, [...]

Congratulations to the Acmo Award Winners!

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It was an afternoon to remember at the ACMO Awards Luncheon December 8th, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Centre. It was wonderful to see these six worthy recipients recognized for their hard work and dedication throughout the year: Manager of the Year: Lyndsey McNally Leader of the Year: Saul York Donna Farr Award: Cynthia Chung Genesis Award: Wendy [...]

Top 12 Ways to Winterize Your Property

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The blustery weather is upon us and the hazy days of summer are a thing of the past. It’s time for property managers to think about winterizing their condo buildings if you haven’t already. Here are the top 12 ways you can prepare your property for inclement weather: Check your furnaces. Make sure your furnace [...]