5 Reasons Why a Green Roof Would Benefit Your Condo Building

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There is no denying the aesthetically pleasing appearance of a green rooftop, but you likely have never considered it as a possibility for your condo building’s rooftop or parking garage.   Green roofs are the norm in Europe, but the culture is catching on more slowly in the western world. Cost seems to be the main factor [...]

How much do you know about your building’s Fan Coil Unit?

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Fan coil units (FCUs) are the heating and cooling systems most commonly used in Canadian high-rise residential units. They are critical to the quality of air flow in each individual unit.  Old or dirty Fan Coil Units impact the entire central system and can draw more energy than they should, resulting in higher maintenance and energy [...]

Who is Living in GTA’s Condos?

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A larger proportion of GTA residents are living in condos than ever before. According to the 2016 census, one in five households in Toronto now live in condos – and that number is only expected to increase in the future. With today’s ever-rising real estate prices, condominium units are an appealing option for people who cannot [...]

Doing it (Eco) for the Money?

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Every time an election happens, changes are bound to happen. The latest election was no different. One of the first changes that the newly elected Progressive Conservatives (PC) led by Premier Doug Ford have already made is to cancel Ontario's cap-and-trade program. This program, which offered thousands of dollars worth of rebates, funded GreenON as well [...]

The Lowdown on Your Condo Building’s Reserve Fund

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Since life can be full of surprises, it’s always important to have a rainy-day fund. Who knows when an unexpected expense will crop up or you will be out of work and you need some money…and fast. The same principle applies to your condo building, which is why a building reserve fund comes in handy. After [...]

Kitec Plumbing Glossary 101

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There’s that dirty word again – Kitec. It’s a word that sends pangs of fear through the hearts of property managers and Board members alike. If you’re looking to replace Kitec plumbing in your building, the first step is gaining knowledge of the situation at hand. How can you do that? Our handy glossary of terms [...]

The Scope on Dope: Marijuana Use in Ontario’s Condos

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The one thing we share in common surrounding the legalization of marijuana in Ontario is that we all have an opinion on it. With the Cannabis Act taking effect by July 1st, 2018, it’s a hot topic among condo dwellers and property managers. What does this mean for your building and how will it impact peaceful [...]

Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Condo Buildings

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With the rising costs of gas, electricity and water services in condo buildings, achieving energy efficiency is now the new normal. Since utilities can account for 40 percent of a condo’s ongoing operating expenses, completing energy efficient upgrades will not only help the environment – but your bottom line, too. When it comes to completing upgrades [...]

Managing the Logistics of Your Parking Garage Restoration

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We all know keeping your parking garage in great structural shape is crucial. And even though repairs are sometimes necessary, they can present challenges if the repairs take more than a day and parking must be accommodated elsewhere. Traffic flow can become altered and residents’ frustration levels can rise. The good news? The inconvenience can be [...]

Celebrating Spring with Your Condo Community

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It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of work, work, work around your condo building. Although it’s important to keep your building in great condition, it’s also important to sometimes take a break! And with spring just around the corner, what better time to schedule a fun activity aimed at bringing your condo community together? [...]