Plumbing 101: Glossary of Terms

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As a Property Manager, there is little more stressful than a plumbing emergency in your condo building. When you're faced with this kind of situation, it's helpful to have knowledge of the problem at hand.  Our handy glossary of plumbing terms will have you speaking our language. Adaptor: Used in piping systems to connect straight sections of [...]

Humber Bay Shores 13th Annual Golf Tournament

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This was CDC's first time participating in the Humber Bay Shores 13th Annual Golf Tournament at Markland Woods Golf Club. Not only did some of our CDC team members enjoy the game, but we also had an exhibit set up at one of the holes. It was wonderful getting to know members of the Humber [...]

The Nuts and Bolts of a CCDC Document

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From roof repairs and parking garage restorations to lobby remodelling and HVAC installations, condominium construction projects always accompany a certain level of risk. In no time at all, construction projects can get complicated, too. What duties and obligations are the owner, contractor, and subcontractor responsible for? What happens if a party fails to abide by their [...]

We Have Exciting News to Share!

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CDC is pleased to announce the appointment of Jebbie Jabunnesa to the role of Business Development Executive at CDC. Jebbie's main focus in her new role will be to continue evolving our business development and sales platform, as well as to build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships. Jebbie is a highly motivated and energetic individual who brings [...]

Condo Balconies: Who is Responsible for the Upkeep?

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Spring is finally here. Along with spring’s arrival comes the opportunity to spend more time outdoors – without the risk of catching a cold. Condominium balconies provide the perfect opportunity for many Toronto residents to get outside. But after the harsh winter that we just experienced, are you wondering if your balcony requires any maintenance work? [...]

How to Create the Best Condo Board Meeting Minutes

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Taking minutes at a board meeting is not as easy as it may seem. How detailed do the minutes need to be? What statements are unnecessary to include that may put your association at risk for future legal action? And how should the information be accurately recorded? Since meeting minutes are one of the most important [...]

The New Carbon Tax Law and its Effect on Your Condominium

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As of April 1, the federal carbon tax established to meet Canada’s emission reduction goals will bring implications to Ontario residents. Wondering what the new carbon tax will mean for condominium Boards, property managers and unit owners? We’ve got the details for your below! The Background on Ontario’s New Carbon Tax At the 2015 Paris Global [...]

3 Spring Maintenance Tasks to Complete on Your Condominium’s Underground Parking Garage

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Sunshine. Flowers. Warmth. After a long winter, spring is finally here. While spring brings welcomed warmth and melting snow, it also showcases the damage that winter has left behind. Here are three maintenance measures that you should complete on your underground parking garage in anticipation of the warmer weather. A little maintenance today could result in [...]

What a great show! The annual CCI Education Extravaganza conference didn’t disappoint.

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Many thanks to those of you who stopped by our booth! Board Directors serving the condo industry and their communities have a tough job – don’t think we don’t notice! It was wonderful to speak with you about the challenges you face daily in your respective condo communities. Whether it's to do with Kitec Plumbing [...]

The Rise of Condo Fees (and the Factors that Cause them to Increase)

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Although there are more than 2,500 registered condominium corporations in the City of Toronto alone, one thing is common between them all: condo maintenance fees. Designed to spread the cost of common expenses among all unit owners, condo fees can fluctuate greatly between condo buildings. On average,  condominium fees in the GTA are approximately $0.50 per [...]