A Quick Summary of New Condo Board Training Requirements

A Quick Summary of New Condo Board Training Requirements

This is a time of change for Board Members, as everyone  is no doubt aware by now. The Ontario government has recently announced some changes to the way condo boards are governed. These new regulations will be passed in phases, with the first rolling out as of July 2017.

One key area of focus is that Directors now require introductory training. Familiarize yourself with the points below:

  • Anyone elected to a condo board will be required to take mandatory training as of Nov. 1st. The new version of section 29(2) of the Condo Act imposes on directors that they “complete the prescribed training within the prescribed time”.


  • Training will have to be completed within six months of the day the person is either elected or appointed as a director. Note that that the “qualification” obtained from such training will be valid for seven years.


  • A written confirmation that the course has been completed will have to be provided to the corporation(s) within 15 days. The Ministry (or Condominium Authority) will also have to keep a record relating to each person having completed the course.


  • Condominium corporations will be responsible to pay for all costs, charges and expenses incurred by the director in completing the course. This reimbursement will have to occur within 30 days.


  • Directors appointed by a developer or elected by owners to the first board (the pre-turnover board, controlled by the developer) would be exempt from the training requirement, unless they are elected or appointed to the board afterwards.

Sitting on your condo’s Board is an investment of time and energy. It is a government in miniature, and you have a responsibility to help manage the condominium properly. See https://cci.ca/ for further information about all changes to the Condo Act.

At Canadian Design & Construction Inc., we believe in maintaining excellent communication with the Board of Directors when working on construction and renovation services in your building. CDC Inc. is associated with CCI and are up-to-date on current regulatory changes. See www.cdcpro.ca for more information and to book a free consultation, or a presentation at your next meeting.

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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