3 Ways to Prepare your Parking Garage for the Winter

3 Ways to Prepare your Parking Garage for the Winter

Completing repairs on a condo’s underground parking garage can be a costly and frustrating process. That’s why completing regular maintenance is crucial. Not only does it extend the lifetime of the underground parking garage, but it also reduces the risk of potential damage to tenants and their vehicles.  

Here are three tasks that should be completed on your condo’s underground parking garage before the blustery winter weather arrives. We are almost at that time of year!

The Importance of Winter Maintenance on Your Underground Parking Garage 

More than likely, your underground parking garage is constructed from reinforced concrete. When its internal moisture protection system breaks down, water and salt enter the structure. Corrosion and rust can incur from this process, which leads to a weakened structure.  

Without proper repairs, it’s only a matter of time before the underground parking garage begins to present structural problems.  

Completing a maintenance check prior to winter provides you with an opportunity to address any necessary repairs. 

Complete a Semi-Annual Inspection 

Repairing minor issues before they grow into bigger ones is the best way to extend the life of a parking structure.  

Completing a semi-annual inspection provides the perfect opportunity to check for water leaks on the underside of the slab, pooling water around drains, excessive wear in the traffic deck coating and adhesive failures of the joint sealants.  

Contact a trusted condo community renovation partner to arrange for any necessary repairs. 

Clean Floor Drains and Power Wash the Deck 

Arrange for your floor drains and drain pipes to be flushed and cleaned out. Doing so will ensure that any salt-laden water from vehicles will be quickly cleared from the parking deck surface to the drainage system. 

Ensure that cleanouts are present on the slab’s underside and that removable sediment buckets and operable grates are present in the drain bodies. 

Stock Up on Non-Harmful De-Icing Salt 

Corrosive salt products such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride have harmful properties that accelerate deterioration of parking garage structures. Instead of these damaging salts, consider using calcium magnesium acetate, potassium acetate, urea or sand as a de-icing salt to keep your underground parking garage in a safe condition.  Getting a stockpile ready will ensure that you are never scrambling when the ice and snow arrive. As another alternative to salt, you can even use pickle brine. Yes, you read correctly! The juice from pickles can help reduce the risk of slips and falls during the winter by melting the ice and is completely natural.

The best way to stretch your corporation’s reserve fund is by completing regular maintenance on your building. Although it costs an average of $100 – $500 per parking stall annually to complete proper maintenance, it’s money well worth it in the long run! Other than maintaining the value of the condo’s capital assets, maintenance ensures that owners are confident that they are living in a safe environment.  

With winter just around the corner, now’s the time to ensure your condo’s parking garage is ready! Contact Canadian Design & Construction Inc. today to arrange for a parking garage condition assessment.

By Sarah McKenzie

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